Gel Infused Memory Foam Pillow


Supporting your head and neck is effortless with the Bas Phillips gel
Infused memory foam pillow. It combines the best technology in pillows
with cutting edge fabrication to bring you the ultimate in undisturbed
sleep. The shape and support of the pillow encourages optimal spinal
alignment for comfort and a healthy posture. The thermal conductivity of
the gel beads, along with a woven cover, increases airflow and maximises
head dispersion from the neck. This results in a comfortable sleep
especially for hot/sweaty sleepers.

The Bas Phillips gel memory foam pillow moulds to the individual shape
of your head and neck during use and then springs back when you are no
longer resting. This provides support and even pressure, which is
desirable. This gel memory foam pillow also comes with a washable cotton
cover, protecting the visco elastic foam and gel infused beads inside.

Key features:
– Encourages spinal alignment
– Cool gel patch is perfect for warm heads
– Comes with washable cotton cover



Comfort Luxury
ManufacturerBas Phillips
Mattress Type
Sleep Position
Size 60 x 40 x 13cm